Gentoo Anonymous VCS Server (AnonGit)

Welcome to the Gentoo Linux anonymous Git repositories. This page provides brief instructions about access, and where to find a list of the repositories.

The list is not available here, as this page might not be on the same machine.

If you have problems, please file clearly marked bugs in Gentoo Bugzilla (Infrastructure product, Git component). Please remember to include anongit in the summary line.

If you would prefer to only browse and view the sources, rather than duplicate them to your own machine, please visit our source browser (gitweb) instead. The source browser (gitweb) is supported by CDN service, and may have additional latency before new commits are visible.



To check out from a repository, use the git clone command.


Please see the Gentoo Git Repository Browser for a list of publicly available repositories.
On the detail pages for every repository, you can find the available URLs you can use to check out its contents.
You need to pick one of the URLs containing


CVS will not be available by the end of 2021 anymore. All old CVS repositories have been migrated to git. They can be found at now.