Gentoo AnonCVS & AnonGit

Welcome to the Gentoo Linux anonymous CVS & Git repositories. This page lists the repositories available from this machine, and provides brief instructions.

If you have problems, please file clearly marked bugs in the Gentoo Bugzilla. Please remember to include anoncvs/anongit in the summary line.

If you would prefer to only browse and view the sources, rather than duplicate them to your own machine, please visit our source browser instead.
2014/09/24: SVN has been discontinued, and all repositories have been migrated to Git. Please see bug #513182 for any further questions about SVN repositories.



To check out from a repository, use the following command:

cvs -d co <REPO>

Please note that the CVS service is limited to 5 concurrent users.
Additionally the following CVS commands are blocked for safety and security reasons: Kerberos-encrypt Gssapi-encrypt Gssapi-authenticate add remove admin import init history watch-on watch-off watch-add watch-remove watchers editors edit version tag rtag checkin


  • gentoo-projects
  • gentoo
  • gentoo-x86
  • gentoo-src



To check out from a repository, use the following command:

git clone git://<REPO>/


Please see the Gentoo Gentoo GitWeb for a list of publicly available repositories.



Additionally, all public repositories may be replicated using rsync. Please note the type-specific hostnames, as they may be on different servers.

rsync -a rsync://anon<TYPE><TYPE>root/<REPO>/

rsync -a rsync://<REPO>/ (CVS)

rsync -a rsync://<REPO>/ (Git)

Or simply browse from rsync://anon<TYPE> using rsync.